Bareroot Herbaceous Peonies XL and XXL

We offer a limited amount of plants available in extra large sizes (marked XL or  XXL):

XL size peonies: When digging out peonies in October, I chose some of the largest, fine grown roots. I  marked each individual plant (eg. Avalanche - XL plant No.1) and take a photo. You can order these plants - see the offer in this category below. If you order, for example, Avalanche - XL plant No.1, you will get the plant you see in the photo. Each of these exclusive plants is an original, only one piece is available! These plants are guaranteed to bloom in 2024!

XXL size peonies: I offer for sale big, strong peonies 5 to10 years old. The roots of each plant weigh at least 5 kg, in diam. cca 40 cm. They will bloom profusely in the first year after planting. These plants are still growing in the field, when you order one of them, I'll dig this plant out, clean the roots and prepare it for sending...

Peonies are sent bareroot by post - in the fall (October, November, December) or early spring (late February to mid-April). Ordering only between October and mid-April.


Note: For a better imagination of the size of the roots offered - the length of the white name tag which you can find on each photo of the roots below, is 22 cm.

Click on the photo or plant name to view detailed information.

CORAL SUNSET - XL plant No. 1 (2023)

In the case you will order this plant, you will receive exactly the one shown in the photo - XL plant No. 1. Flowers semi-double, deep orange-coral color, deepest of all Corall sorts and nicest fragrance in this group. Many thick, strong stems, very vigorous grower. Excellent as a cut-flower.

Sales price: 27 €


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About Our Shop

We guarantee all of our plants to be true to name. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, notify us at once upon receipt of your plants and we will replace plants under complain. However, we reserve the right to refuse replacements if plants have not been properly cared for once they are delivered.