TB - Tall Bearded Irises

Tall Bearded Irises are the most common group of irises, often called garden irises. In this group you will find large-flowered irises, usually 70 cm to 120 cm high. In Europe, they come into bloom on around 10th May . We cultivate them with love in South Moravia region of the Czech Republic. They are easy to grow and fully frost-resistant. From  tens of thousands of bred varieties you can find here our selection of the best, easily grown sorts coming mainly from European and American breeders. Flowers are large, mostly wavy, sometimes of exotic shapes, one- or multicolored, differently dotted or stripped, often pleasantly fragrant. Flowers grow on one main and 2-4 side stems. Each of them has 1-3 buds, so 7-12, even 15 flowers gradually bloom in one plant. These irises love sunny locations; they can be planted individually, or together with other perennials. Flowers are very suitable for cutting.

For better orientation, TB irises on these pages is possible to sort by height into two groups:
Tall Bearded Irises - higher than 90 cm
Tall Bearded Irises - up to 90 cm (71-89 cm) high

They can also be sorted by flower color, fragrance or flower type:
Self – i.e. one or more tones of one color
Bicolor – i.e. two different basic colors
Plicata – striped, dotted, splashed etc. on a white or colored base
Space Ager – with beards extended to a few cm in length - in the form of horns, spoons...
Broken Color – basic dark color with wild light splashing, or light background with dark pattern

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ALL AFLUTTER (Byers 1994)

Bright white flowers, beards red orange with long, very pale blue flounce turning up at end. SA type. Flowers of medium size, ruffled. Slight sweet fragrance. Unique Space Age type.

Sales price: 95 Kč

ALL ASHORE (Black 2013)

Strong and heavily ruffled flowers. Standards cream, mid violet infused midrib, falls mid dark violet- blue center blending to light slate-blue margin, brassy olive at base. Beards burnt-orange. Pronounced sweet...

Sales price: 240 Kč


Standards and falls golden yellow, crisped and ruffled. Beards yellow. Beautiful sort.

Sales price: 130 Kč

AMPLIFIED (Ghio 2000)

Deep orange yellow standards, slightly darker on the edges. Wide orange yellow falls with red beards. One of the best variety in this colour category. Exceptional form with strong ruffles. Late flowering season.

Sales price: 110 Kč

ANYTHING GOES (Hager 1998)

Raspberry pink standards, deeper rose falls distinctly veined, bright tangerine beards. Big flowers, nicely ruffled. Perfect branching of the stem, good bud count. Prolific and vigorous, healthy growth.

Sales price: 110 Kč

ARISTOCRACY (Keppel 2006)

Rich color of royal purple standards and falls, round ruffled and lightly laced form. A hazy blue wash accents the light blue beards. Strong and tall stature. Precious form.

Sales price: 120 Kč

AS YOU WERE (Stahly 2001)

Standards and falls light pink, ruffled and lightly laced. Beards fire-red, elongated to pink flounces. Height 95 cm. Ellegant iris of the Space Age type.

Sales price: 150 Kč

ATRAKCIA (Mego 2013)

Standards snow white, falls closely spaced rays of dense violet dots on white base, 1 cm white border, near beards pale smoky brown. Beard hairs based cream-white, tips tangerine. Slight sweet fragrance. Excellent sort...

Sales price: 180 Kč

AUTUMN RIESLING (Schreiner 2006)

Flowers in tones of orange and apricot, glowing tangerine beards. Petals nicely ruffled. Reliable and precious form.

Sales price: 110 Kč

BATIK (Ensminger 1986)

Royal purple flowers irregularly spattered and streaked with white markings, ruffled. Beards light orange. May reach only 60 cm height in very dry and sunny places.

Sales price: 120 Kč

BEL AVENIR (Cayeux 2008)

Standards soft lemon, more intense at the base, falls cream white with a wide deep blue-violet border, edges waved. Beards orange, edged with yellow. Slight pleasant fragrance of the flowers. Beautiful iris, the best of...

Sales price: 280 Kč

BEWILDERBEAST (Kasperek 1995)

Standards and falls with outrageous combination of purple, gold and white, yellow-brown beards. Well-branched stem, reliable grower.

Sales price: 110 Kč

BLUE RISING (Blyth 2006/07)

Standards icy blue-lavender,falls near white, palest icy blue blush. Beards white heavily tipped vibrant tangerine. Slight sweet fragrance.

Sales price: 95 Kč


Standards white with fine lemon wire edges. Falls lavender with a large white starburst radiating out and blending into lavender, edge more buff to red violet, ruffled. Beards vivid tangerine, lighter at end.

Sales price: 140 Kč


Flowers wavy, standards light orchid-lavender, huge cream-brown border, falls velvety dark blue-purple, few white lines at edge, small white area stitched purple brown near brick carrot beards. Slight sweet fragrance....

Sales price: 180 Kč

BY JEEVES (Blyth 2008)

Standards lavender lilac, falls rich violet with lilac edge, heavily veined white pattern around beards, very ruffled. Beards bright tangerine. Pleasant sweet fragrance.

Sales price: 150 Kč

CAFE D'AMOUR (Blyth 2010)

Standards antique lemon infused with light violet, falls bright blue-violet to rosy-violet, deepening to blue violet around the gold beards. Exceptionally ruffled flowers, excellent sort.

Sales price: 150 Kč


Foliage heavily streaked cream, base dark red purple. Standards and falls light blue with darker venation. Beards icy blue. Fine sort with variegated leaves.

Sales price: 85 Kč

CANDY CANE CUTIE (Maryott 2000)

Standards white, with light apricot shadow, falls white, even violett or maroon veining near full length, diffusing at end with white band. Beards bright tangerine. Lovely sort.

Sales price: 95 Kč

CANDY COLOURS (Blyth 2009/10)

Standards coral orange, lightly ruffled, falls coral orange-sienna, large violet flash beside and below beard, ruffled and flared. Beards orange. Fine pleasant fragrance.

Sales price: 200 Kč


Flowers ruffled, standards lemon orange, edge pale gold, falls pale lemon center with darker veining, edge pale gold. Beards prolonged, orange. Slight sweet fragrance. Excellent sort belonging to SA (Space Age) type.

Sales price: 120 Kč


Standards warm white blushed metallic pink over center blending paler toward edge to darker tan-gold margins, fine darker pink veins, falls pale cream-white center, haft heavily veined tan brown to wide gold peach haft...

Sales price: 180 Kč

CELEBRATION SONG (Schreiner 1993)

Apricot-pink standards nicely complement the ruffled blue-lavender or light violet falls. Beards orange. Highly valued sort, delicate flowers. Excellent growth and rich flowering. Fine fragrance.

Sales price: 95 Kč


Standards violet, falls cold white ground heavily peppered violet, darker violet rim. Beards white, tipped golden yellow. Sweet, pleasant fragrance.

Sales price: 150 Kč

CHAMPAGNE WALTZ (Schreiner 1994)

Standards apricot yellow, falls ruffled, creamy white with apricot yellow edge. Beards tangerine orange. Fine sort, good also in combination with high perennials.

Sales price: 115 Kč

CHARLESTON (Keppel 2002)

Standards white with broad blue violet edge, falls white with darker blue edge. Flowers very ruffled and laced. Beards blue white, light yellow in throat.

Sales price: 120 Kč

CHEAP FRILLS (Black 2009)

Standards peach orange, darker toward edge, falls white, light cinnamon peach plicata washed and dotted margins and base. Beards dark red-orange. Flowers heavily ruffled and laced, slight sweet fragrance. Strong and...

Sales price: 140 Kč


Standards light pinkish chamois, falls bright pinkish purple, large cream to salmon center. Beards bright, orange red. Excellent sort with perfectly branched stem. Fine fragrance.

Sales price: 110 Kč

CLOTHO'S WEB (Mego 2009)

Flowers wavy, standards blue, lightly stitched white at base, falls blue purple, around beards blue is overlaid with white veins, edges irregularly marked with light white commas. Beards cream base, tipped light...

Sales price: 180 Kč

CONJURATION (Byers 1989)

Standards white, lightly infused pale violet blue, falls white, suffusing to deep bright amethyst violet edge. White, horns-like beards tipped tangerine (SA Type). Flowers ruffled. Late flowering, very long and slim...

Sales price: 95 Kč

CONNECTION (Ghio 2000)

Standards blue white, ruffled, falls purple, shoulders blended with red, white stripes around red-orange beards. Healthy growth.

Sales price: 95 Kč

COPATONIC (Blyth 1995)

Standards russet brown, falls ruby brown with russet brown edge, heavily ruffled. Beards mustard yellow. Height 85 cm. Excellent grower, fine brown sort.

Sales price: 110 Kč


Standards lemon yellow, falls somewhat lighter in center, vvery ruffled. Beards golden yellow. Height 85 cm. Fine yellow iris from Slovak breeder.

Sales price: 180 Kč

DARCY'S CHOICE (Schreiner 2007)

Standards light yellow, falls claret magenta with white blaze around beards. Beards yellow in throat, cream in middle, white at end. Flowers nicely ruffled.

Sales price: 95 Kč


Standards icy white with a slight blue cast, falls icy white, bluish cast and faint blue center line on first day, then fades away, greenish yellow at the base. Beards white base tipped lemon. Wide, flared and ruffled...

Sales price: 150 Kč


Standards cream white, heavily ruffled, falls cream white with dark lemon hafts. Beards yellow at base, white at end. Flowers beautifully ruffled. Slight spicy fragrance.

Sales price: 110 Kč

DIPPED IN DOTS (Black 2011)

Standards chalky slate white, greenish gold flush up midrib, wide brassy gold blended band. Falls white, plicata washed mid purple overall becoming heavier toward edges, narrow plum brown band rimmed brass gold. Beards...

Sales price: 190 Kč

DOODADS (Black 2004)

Flowers ruffled, standards pearl, violet midrib flush, narrow yellow gold band widening at base, falls violet blue, gold rim and haft. Beards yellow gold, violet flounce edged spoon. Flowers slightly fragrant....

Sales price: 180 Kč


Standards warm light pink, deeper at base, falls light pink, deeper at shoulders. Beards light tangerine, tipped white. Height 100 cm.

Sales price: 130 Kč

FLASH OF LIGHT (Johnson T. 2008)

Standards white, hint of blue surround. Falls dark blue, large white blaze around bright gold-yellow beard, very ruffled. Slight sweet fragrance.

Sales price: 130 Kč


Standards peach pink standards, wide ruffled lavender violet falls with a thin rosy pink band. Coral orange beards. Healthy growth, fine colour combination. Excellent sort…

Sales price: 110 Kč

FOOTLOOSE (Schreiner 1993)

Standards violet-pink stitched on almost in´visible white ground, falls white ground stitched purple, more intensively on the edge. Beards ocher yellow. Flowers ruffled, very early bloom.

Sales price: 95 Kč

FRIENDLY FIRE (Keppel 2003)

Standards blue white, falls light lavender blue, beards mandarin red. Big flowers, nicely ruffled. Very fine sort. Slight sweet fragrance.

Sales price: 95 Kč

FUTURISTE (Cayeux 2002)

Standards white, ruffled, falls white with large bright blue violet border. Beards white, tipped yellow. Very beautiful French sort.

Sales price: 130 Kč


Standards cream yellow with darker veins, falls wine-magenta, center of petals lavender blue, edges cream brown, wavy. Beards yellow with orange tipped hairs. Slight sweet fragrance.

Sales price: 160 Kč


Standards salmon pink, falls salmon pink, overlaid rose, prominent deeper rose textured veining and narrow salmon pink edge. Beards tangerine orange. Ruffed with lots of lace. Late blooming season. Excellent, very...

Sales price: 250 Kč

GNU AGAIN (Kasperek 1994)

Standards medium violet with random off-white splashes, falls dark violet with random white breaks and splashes. Beards burnt orange tipped medium violet. Flowers ruffled. Slight pleasant fragrance.

Sales price: 110 Kč

GOING GREEN (Mego 2008)

Standards white, slight olive-yellow at midrib, falls olive green to light yellow-brown, faint white edge, ruffled. Beards mustard yellow. Great sort in high demand.

Sales price: 160 Kč
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