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ABSOLUTE JOY (Aitken 2006)

Bright pink self, fuchsia purple spot on falls. Beards coral pink. Fine fragrance.

Sales price: 85 Kč

AILE VOLANTE (Cayeux 2013)

Standards salmon pink, violet infusions on edges, laced, falls light pink with a wide magenta border. Beards coral red, elongated to long magenta-violet spoon. Unique Space Age sort, breathtaking...

Sales price: 240 Kč

ANYTHING GOES (Hager 1998)

Raspberry pink standards, deeper rose falls distinctly veined, bright tangerine beards. Big flowers, nicely ruffled. Perfect branching of the stem, good bud count. Prolific and vigorous, healthy growth.

Sales price: 120 Kč

ARISTOCRACY (Keppel 2006)

Rich color of royal purple standards and falls, round ruffled and lightly laced form. A hazy blue wash accents the light blue beards. Strong and tall stature. Precious form.

Sales price: 120 Kč

AWAKE (Blyth 2002/03)

Powder blue, falls with purple violet veining forming signal around bright lavender blue beard. Slight fragrance.

Sales price: 75 Kč

BATIK (Ensminger 1986)

Royal purple flowers irregularly spattered and streaked with white markings, ruffled. Beards light orange. May reach only 60 cm height in very dry and sunny places.

Sales price: 120 Kč

BEWILDERBEAST (Kasperek 1995)

Standards and falls with outrageous combination of purple, gold and white, yellow-brown beards. Well-branched stem, reliable grower.

Sales price: 110 Kč

BOURGEOIS (Black 2003)

Standards claret purple, falls lighter claret purple, small plum spot around beard and small blue flash at end of beard, dark navy veins. Beards violet and brown. Pronounced spicy fragrance.

Sales price: 55 Kč

BY JEEVES (Blyth 2008)

Standards lavender lilac, falls rich violet with lilac edge, heavily veined white pattern around beards, very ruffled. Beards bright tangerine. Pleasant sweet fragrance.

Sales price: 150 Kč

CANDY CANE CUTIE (Maryott 2000)

Standards white, with light apricot shadow, falls white, even violett or maroon veining near full length, diffusing at end with white band. Beards bright tangerine. Lovely sort.

Sales price: 105 Kč


Standards warm white blushed metallic pink over center blending paler toward edge to darker tan-gold margins, fine darker pink veins, falls pale cream-white center, haft heavily veined tan brown to wide gold peach haft margin extending way down, medium metallic peach sheen over center veined and washed dark violet, ruffled. Beards bright orange. Pronounced sweet fragrance.

Sales price: 180 Kč

CAT‘S EYE (Black 2002)

Standards and style arms mauve rose, falls dark red texture-veined black, wide mauve rose band. Beards old gold, violet at base. Slight spicy fragrance. Unique, recommended sort.

Sales price: 55 Kč

CELEBRATION SONG (Schreiner 1993)

Apricot-pink standards nicely complement the ruffled blue-lavender or light violet falls. Beards orange. Highly valued sort, delicate flowers. Excellent growth and rich flowering. Fine fragrance.

Sales price: 95 Kč


Standards violet, falls cold white ground heavily peppered violet, darker violet rim. Beards white, tipped golden yellow. Sweet, pleasant fragrance.

Sales price: 150 Kč

CHARLESTON (Keppel 2002)

Standards white with broad blue violet edge, falls white with darker blue edge. Flowers very ruffled and laced. Beards blue white, light yellow in throat.

Sales price: 120 Kč


Standards peach pink, purple blended up midrib, falls buff, lavender and blue blend, violet veins, ruffled. Beards tangerine. Fine combination of colors, very suitable for a vase.

Sales price: 110 Kč

CHEMISTRY (Black 2003)

Standards medium purple, edge slightly darker, falls velvety red purple, white rays by beard, short paler purple dart at end of fat burnt orange beard with white base. Slight sweet fragrance.

Sales price: 65 Kč


Standards light pinkish chamois, falls bright pinkish purple, large cream to salmon center. Beards bright, orange red. Excellent sort with perfectly branched stem. Fine fragrance.

Sales price: 110 Kč


Standards light tan, falls clear rosy red, narrow tan border. Beards tangerine red.

Sales price: 150 Kč

CONNECTION (Ghio 2000)

Standards blue white, ruffled, falls purple, shoulders blended with red, white stripes around red-orange beards. Healthy growth.

Sales price: 95 Kč

CUB CADET (Johnson T. 2006)

Standards bright violet, falls bright violet, slight white area around beard, short white dart at end of beard. Beards tangerine, white at end. Pronounced sweet fragrance.

Sales price: 55 Kč

CUB CADET (Johnson T. 2006)

Standards bright violet, falls bright violet, slight white area around beard, short white dart at end of beard. Beards tangerine, white at end. Pronounced sweet fragrance.

Sales price: 70 Kč

DARCY'S CHOICE (Schreiner 2007)

Standards light yellow, falls claret magenta with white blaze around beards. Beards yellow in throat, cream in middle, white at end. Flowers nicely ruffled.

Sales price: 95 Kč

DIPPED IN DOTS (Black 2011)

Standards chalky slate white, greenish gold flush up midrib, wide brassy gold blended band. Falls white, plicata washed mid purple overall becoming heavier toward edges, narrow plum brown band rimmed brass gold. Beards violet white base, tips old gold. Pronounced sweet fragrance.

Sales price: 190 Kč
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