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CHILLED WINE (Hager 1981)

Standards wine carmine with blue lines at midrib, falls wine carmine, blue in center, dark veining at throat. Plant height 100 cm. Higher, vigorously growing sort, suitable for perennial flowerbeds.

Sales price: 75 Kč

CONCORD CRUSH (Bauer/Coble 2009)

Standards blue-violet, falls dark blue-violet, ruffled, white venation at the top center of the falls. Multi-petaled form, tetraploid, reblooming. Highly prized sort, a double flower appearance, nice.

Sales price: 120 Kč


Large (20 cm) double flowers, delicate pink. darker at the centre, petals ruffled and silky. The vigorous plants reaching height of 1.7 m and width 1 m. Leaves pale green, beautiful autumnal coloration.

Sales price: 650 Kč

GOLDEN EDGE (McEwen 1991)

Deep sky blue flowers, shaded with darker blue tones, falls painted with intricate yellow and white blazes at the base and edged in golden yellow. Height 75 cm. Fine tetraploid sort.

Sales price: 90 Kč


Japanese tree peony, large (20 cm) semi-double flowers, white with with maroon flashes at the base of the petals. The vigorous plants reaching height of 1.5 m and width at least 1 m.

Sales price: 650 Kč


Flowers very large (20 cm), double, glowing purple-red. In the centre is a ring of golden stamens and because there are so many petals the mature flowers look particularly ruffled. The flowers are fragrant. One of the brightest colors of all tree peonies, very vigorous shrub (height 1.8 m, width 1 m). May be grown in a large container too.

Sales price: 650 Kč


Large (18 cm) semi-double flowers, deep maroon red petals. The vigorous plants reaching height of 1.5 m and width 1 m. Grafted 2 year old plants potted in 1 liter containers.

Sales price: 650 Kč


Single to semi-double flowers, pink with yellow undertones and deep pink veins, petals crinkled and notched. Plants reaching height of 1.5 m and width 2 to 3 m. Grafted 2 years old plants potted in 1 liter containers.

Sales price: 650 Kč

HOW AUDACIOUS (Hollingworth 2009)

Standards red violet, style arms blue violet, brown pink tips and edges. Falls blue to red violet, cream wire rim, cream dashes over outer petals give plicata effect, yellow signal area covers half of petal. Plant height 85 cm. Bright rose, violet and yellow colors in a stunning flower.

Sales price: 160 Kč

I SEE STARS (Heemskerk 2017)

Big (14 cm) deep blue flowers with blue netting at the white base of falls. 5 to 6 falls in each flower. 75 cm height. Beautiful new flower pattern, healthy growth. Novelty in the sibirica's world!

Sales price: 120 Kč

JEWELLED CROWN (Hollingworth 1987)

Deep wine red, circular gold blaze on ruffled falls, fading to white, ruffled. Plant height 60 cm. Reliable, good growing tetraploid sort.

Sales price: 90 Kč

KABLUEY (Bauer/Coble 1999)

Multipetalled form, standards dark blue violet, falls dark blue violet, white blaze yellow in throat. Fine dark blue, tetraploid, multipetalled form. Height 75 cm.

Sales price: 110 Kč


Large (20 cm), double flowers, light apricot to pastel color with picotee edged petals, often curled. Flowers emit very pleasant lemony scent. Wonderful shrub that is very disease and pest resistant, grows up to 150 cm height and 120 cm width.

Sales price: 650 Kč

KISS THE GIRL (Schafer/Sacks 2004)

Flowers 12 cm diam., standars light to pale yellow, falls bright yellow, slightly deeper at the base. Slight sweet fragrance. Plant height 70 cm. Fine yellow blooming sibirica, healthy growth, profuse flowering.

Sales price: 110 Kč

KITA-NO-SEIZA (Shidara 1997)

Large, double flowers with six light blue violet falls, lightly veined. Height 70 cm. Elegant flowers, excellent sort.

Sales price: 110 Kč

LOUISON (Helsley 1998)

Lightly ruffled rosy wine red, falls with large white signal and violet venation.Plant height 70 cm. Fine colour combination.

Sales price: 110 Kč

NAGAREBOSHI (Ho Shidara 1999)

Large (14 cm), dark blue violet flowers, falls multiple (6) with white signal spot at the base. Height 70 cm. Fine and ellegant sort.

Sales price: 110 Kč


Standards and falls deep violett blue, prominent white stripes at the base. Plant height 90 cm. Healthy growth and profuse flowering. Great in natural perennial flowerbeds.

Sales price: 90 Kč


Standards lavender-violet, style arms creamy. Falls soft rosy lavender blending to lavender violet, gold outpouring 1/3 way down falls with deeper reddish veining. Slight sweet fragrance. Height 70 cm.

Sales price: 140 Kč

RUFFLES AND FLOURISHES (Hollingworth 2002)

Standards and falls red violet, ruffled, falls with white wire rim, gold signal with blue halo. Plant height 85 cm. Nice, reliable and highly prized tetraploid sort.

Sales price: 90 Kč


Japanese tree peony, large (17 cm) semi-double flowers, blush pink double with raspberry red flares deep inside the blooms. Plants reaching height of 1.5 m and width 1.2 m. Grafted 2 years old plants potted in 1 liter containers.

Sales price: 650 Kč

SHAKER'S PRAYER (Warner 1989)

Standards violet, falls golden yellow at hafts, turning to white ground in center with delicate lilac veining and solid violet edge. Height 75 cm. Amazing, excellent and unique sort.

Sales price: 90 Kč


Large (18 cm) semi-double to double flowers, red and white striped, sometimes all red or pink or pink and red or white etc... The vigorous plants reaching height of 1.5 m and width 1 m. Very unusual, rare peony.

Sales price: 650 Kč


Large (20 cm) semi-double flowers, reddish purple at the base of petals, lighter pink on their edges. Plants reaching height of 1.5 m and width 1 m. Grafted plants 2 years old, potted in 1 liter container.

Sales price: 650 Kč
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