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RAIN DANCE (Jones B. 1979)

Dóm i fally azurově modré, lehce zvlněné. Kartáčky korálově oranžové v hrdle, světle modré na konci. Jemná vůně.

Sales price: 60 Kč

ABSOLUTE JOY (Aitken 2006)

Bright pink self, fuchsia purple spot on falls. Beards coral pink. Fine fragrance.

Sales price: 95 Kč

AWAKE (Blyth 2002/03)

Powder blue, falls with purple violet veining forming signal around bright lavender blue beard. Slight fragrance.

Sales price: 75 Kč

BIG BLUE EYES (Black 2006)

Standards icy white, falls white groung with large medium blue spot, darker blue veins over spot, ruffled. Beards pale lavender. Slight fragrance.

Sales price: 55 Kč


Standards white with fine green-gold veins up rib networking ouward, falls white, very fine network of greenish texture veins, ruffled. Beards dark indigo. Slight sweet fragrance.

Sales price: 55 Kč

BOURGEOIS (Black 2003)

Standards claret purple, falls lighter claret purple, small plum spot around beard and small blue flash at end of beard, dark navy veins. Beards violet and brown. Pronounced spicy fragrance.

Sales price: 55 Kč

BUGSY (Hager 1993)

Standards yellow, falls near black-maroon, edged yellow. Beards orange-yellow.

Sales price: 45 Kč

CAPTIVE SUN (Jones 1994)

Standards white with fine gold venation, falls canary yellow, precise white edge, lightly ruffled. Beards light icy blue. Fine fragrance.

Sales price: 45 Kč

CARROT CUPCAKE (Niswonger 2005)

Standards and falls orange, ruffled. Beards bright reddish orange. Fine fragrance.

Sales price: 55 Kč

CAT‘S EYE (Black 2002)

Standards and style arms mauve rose, falls dark red texture-veined black, wide mauve rose band. Beards old gold, violet at base. Slight spicy fragrance. Unique, recommended sort.

Sales price: 45 Kč

CHEMISTRY (Black 2003)

Standards medium purple, edge slightly darker, falls velvety red purple, white rays by beard, short paler purple dart at end of fat burnt orange beard with white base. Slight sweet fragrance.

Sales price: 65 Kč

CIRCUS DRAGON (Jones B. 2002)

Canary yellow self. Beards orange. Slight fragrance.

Sales price: 55 Kč

CUB CADET (Johnson T. 2006)

Standards bright violet, falls bright violet, slight white area around beard, short white dart at end of beard. Beards tangerine, white at end. Pronounced sweet fragrance.

Sales price: 55 Kč

DEDICATED (Black 2011)

Standards pale yellow, fine light green-gold lines up midrib and outward toward edges, falls white, large medium green-gold blended spot veined with darker olive texture veins, palest yellow rays beside beards, palest...

Sales price: 55 Kč

DESERT ORANGE (Jones B. 1993)

Standards and falls coral orange. Beards tangerine red. Fine fragrance.

Sales price: 45 Kč

DITTO (Hager 1982)

Standards white with cream infusion, falls dark red-maroon, edged white, touch of green on hafts. Beards white.

Sales price: 45 Kč

EL TORITO (Jones B. 1997)

Standards and falls deep orange. Beards deep red. Slight fragrance.

Sales price: 45 Kč

EYE OF SAURON (Black 2009)

Standards medium violet-blue, falls medium violet-blue, large dark charcoal-plum spot veined wide tan to white, ruffled. Beards orange, white at end. Pronounced spicy fragrance.

Sales price: 90 Kč

EYE OF THE TIGER (Black 2008)

Standards ruffled, medium buff-gold, lighter in center. Falls ruffled, medium buff-gold, large garnet spot, medium buff-gold haft veins beside beard. Beards dark orange, tipped white. Pronounced strawberry fragrance.

Sales price: 75 Kč

EYEBRIGHT (Taylor 1979)

Bright golden yellow with brown lines on falls. Beards yellow-orange. Slight fragrance.

Sales price: 45 Kč

FAVORITE ANGEL (Jones B. 1990)

Pure white standards and falls, lightly ruffled. Beards silver white. Slight sweet fragrance.

Sales price: 45 Kč

FINGERTIPS (Black 2004)

Standards translucent medium light old gold, falls medium yellow gold, diffuse medium charcoal purple spot changing to veining on haft. Beards orange, yellow base. Slight fragrance.

Sales price: 55 Kč

FIRE CORAL (Aitken 2007)

Standards hot orange, falls orange, burgundy red wash, lighter at edges, orange hafts. Beards intense orange-red. Slight fragrance.

Sales price: 95 Kč

FIRESTORM (Smith M. 1994)

Standards nearly solid burgundy, fading to buff, burgundy midrib. Falls golden yellow ground, heavily lined and washed port wine, becoming solid port wine at rim, ruffled. Beards old gold. Slight fragrance. Nice sort.

Sales price: 45 Kč
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