SDB – Standard Dwarf Bearded Irises

In this group, you will find low-growing irises of the height between 21 cm and 40 cm, usually blooming between late April and mid-May. They bloom profusely by carpets of about 5 cm large flowers, often brightly colored, sometimes with distinctly contrasting beards, in magnificent combinations. Many of them also smell nice. SDB's love sunny position and free-draining soil, so they are ideal for planting in rock gardens, or bed frames. They may also be combined perfectly with other perennials. They are easy to grow and completely frost-resistant. On these sites, you can sort them by their flower color.

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FIRESTORM (Smith M. 1994)

Standards nearly solid burgundy, fading to buff, burgundy midrib. Falls golden yellow ground, heavily lined and washed port wine, becoming solid port wine at rim, ruffled. Beards old gold. Slight fragrance. Nice sort.

Sales price: 45 Kč

ZERO (Keppel 1998)

Standards anf falls pure white, ruffled. Beards white, faintly tipped lemon deep in throat. Pronounced sweet fragrance.

Sales price: 45 Kč

MIDNIGHT MIST (Black 1995)

Standards wide red violet plicata band, small white central area, falls white near beard, red violet luminata wash over center, darker red violet plicata band. Beards violet in throat, white at end. Slight spicy...

Sales price: 45 Kč

EL TORITO (Jones B. 1997)

Standards and falls deep orange. Beards deep red. Slight fragrance.

Sales price: 45 Kč

STARBABY (Smith 1993)

Standards white ground, heavily dotted and washed dark violet, dark violet edge. Falls white, solid dark violet edge widening to chestnut-toned shoulders, random dark stitching inside rim, ruffled. Beards white, tipped...

Sales price: 45 Kč

INVESTOR (Johnson T. 2004)

Standards purple, falls velvety dark purple, slightly paler blended edge. Beards gold in throat, light lavender at end. Large, ruffled flowers. Pronounced spicy fragrance.

Sales price: 45 Kč

WISH UPON A STAR (Black 2006)

Standards dark blue-purple, falls dark purple-black, slightly lighter haft and edge. Beards large, pale cream gold, white at end. Pronounced sweet fragrance. Height 30 cm.

Sales price: 65 Kč

CAPTIVE SUN (Jones 1994)

Standards white with fine gold venation, falls canary yellow, precise white edge, lightly ruffled. Beards light icy blue. Fine fragrance.

Sales price: 45 Kč

PIXIE DELIGHT (Fillmore 1993)

Standards violet with stitching along edge, lighter toward midrib, falls white ground stitched violet along edge, violet haft markings. Beards white. Pronounced sweet fragrance.

Sales price: 45 Kč

FRISK ME (Blyth 2001/02)

Standards soft apricot pink, falls burgundy red spot and apricot pink edge, ruffled and flared. Beards tangerine orange in throat, lavender blue at tip. Pronounced sweet fragrance.

Sales price: 70 Kč

TWEETY BIRD (Black 1991)

Standards pastel yellow, falls yellow with olive cast, orange overlay on hafts. Beard bright orange. Flowers ruffled. Slight fragrance.

Sales price: 55 Kč

MINI DRAGON (Smith 1998)

Standards and falls port wine purple to black-purple, ruffled. Beards red-orange. Light fragrance.

Sales price: 55 Kč

EYE OF SAURON (Black 2009)

Standards medium violet-blue, falls medium violet-blue, large dark charcoal-plum spot veined wide tan to white, ruffled. Beards orange, white at end. Pronounced spicy fragrance.

Sales price: 90 Kč

TARHEEL ELF (Niswonger 1985)

Standards and falls very dark red purple, slightly ruffled. Beard medium blue. Slight sweet fragrance.

Sales price: 45 Kč

LAST HERO (Krupka 2006)

Yellow self, falls lighter in center, lightly ruffled. Beards yellow orange. Foliage purple-based. Nice, healthy growing yellow sort from the Czech breeder.

Sales price: 45 Kč

OLIVER (Hooker Nichols 1971)

Creamy white self, on falls wide brown spot around beards. Beards yellow orange and white. Slight fragrance.

Sales price: 65 Kč

CARROT CUPCAKE (Niswonger 2005)

Standards and falls orange, ruffled. Beards bright reddish orange. Fine fragrance.

Sales price: 55 Kč

PUMPIN‘ IRON (Black 1990)

Standards dark purple violet, falls dark black cherry spot shading to red purple margin. Beards purple. Pronounced spicy fragrance.

Sales price: 45 Kč

GEMSTAR (Smith M. 1994)

Standards medium dark violet blue, falls darker violet blue with pale veining in center, and lighter edge, white sign below beards, ruffled. Beards yellow in throat, white at end. Slight fragrance.

Sales price: 45 Kč

EYE OF THE TIGER (Black 2008)

Standards ruffled, medium buff-gold, lighter in center. Falls ruffled, medium buff-gold, large garnet spot, medium buff-gold haft veins beside beard. Beards dark orange, tipped white. Pronounced strawberry fragrance.

Sales price: 75 Kč

BIG BLUE EYES (Black 2006)

Standards icy white, falls white groung with large medium blue spot, darker blue veins over spot, ruffled. Beards pale lavender. Slight fragrance.

Sales price: 55 Kč

MUSIC (Keppel 1999)

Standards peach orange, falls light orange-yellow ground with purple dots and veins on the edge, ruffled. Beards coral red. Slight fragrance.

Sales price: 55 Kč

EYEBRIGHT (Taylor 1979)

Bright golden yellow with brown lines on falls. Beards yellow-orange. Slight fragrance.

Sales price: 45 Kč

TATTLER (Keppel 1996)

Standards old gold yellow, falls golden yellow with small elongated blue spot at end of beard, lightly ruffled. Beards blue. Slight sweet fragrance.

Sales price: 45 Kč
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